Ranch Coop Yard Sale
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Texas Ranch Coop Chicken Houses ®  Greenville, TX 75402   903-458-1716    214-213-1360
portable chicken fencing post sale near dallas east texas
 We are a small family farm in Northeast
 Texas, near Dallas.

We raise chickens, ducks and goats.  Handcrafted
 coops, brooders and portable fence posts were 
only a sideline until neighbors and family wanted 
one like those we had made for our flock. 

They're all sturdy, predator-proof, easily winterized

These coops designed to be shipped nationwide. 
BUT now we are having a yard sale serving local 

Please enjoy your visit here. Thanks!                                                                                                            Pat,  Jennifer & Charlie      
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Yard Sale this Week
We have a few used (like new) 
coops for sale this week.

The coops are well stained 
with a waterproof UV sealant.
New Nest box included. 
Were $399 new - NOW ONLY $200 (firm). 
* A used 4x8 were $699  new - NOW ONLY $350 (firm).

You can go to ranch-coop.com 
to see what the new coops
 (''Coop for 4-6 hens'') look like. 
(Oh, Above is the video of this coop. new.)

Please call before you come in case we're sold out !

Please call or text us to let us know you're
 coming so we can prepare
more coops to show
 214-213-1360      903-458-1716
$195 for 7 portable wood posts
    - with base and 21 spikes, and a fence clip
 It's designed for 625sq ft. ( 25x25ft.) yard
You can curve the wire fence in any shape you like
  (When it's curved, it's a bit smaller than 625 sq ft.)
chicken fencing sale near Dallas east Texas
How it works?
Click here to see
netting fencing made easy chicken yard sale near dallas
call Pat at   214-213-1360
or text Jennifer   903-458-1716
 ​And, chicks/young hens
Fencing &
Netting made EZ
And, you can easily add a nylon net to cover 
the top of these wooden fence posts. 

Other good stuff you can get here:
You can order a 6-24 chick  BROODER and pick it up NEXT FRIDAY 
brooder for sale near dallas t
week-old to 8 weeks old
OR, if you order about a week ahead...
            you can pick up a large chicken coop for 20-30 hens.
Click here to see the  large chicken coop we made in         Greenville ( a small town in east Texas, near Dallas)
  - This week only -

*Straight run Buff Orpingtons
*Gold-laced Wyandotte/Buff cross
*White Cornish Cross meat birds.   
 ​And, if you like a taller coop-
we do have some 5 foot tall A-frame chicken coops like we've used for years 
for our own flock. 
 ​Like it?
Click here to 
check it out !
ranch-coop yard sale chicks and chickens dallas north east texas
What else? Check this out,
 if you would like to rise 20+ chickens..
why we hate the chicken nest box made in china
Click HERE to see why people
don't like this kind of nest box.
On our farm, we don't 
use this kind...
Today 9:30am - 6:30pm
3/17 ~ 3/18  9:30 pm - 6:30 pm
Sunday 2:30 pm - 6:30 pm

Call Pat before you come 214-213-1360
hens for sale near dallas tx
young hens for sale dallas tx
chickens for sale near dallas
Young Hens  6 weeks ($12) to 2 months old ($14) 
click here for map
netting and fencing chicken yard made ez
And, we have new coop too-
Click HERE (or below) to see 
different sizes of new coops...
4x4 for 4-6 chickens
4x6 for 6-8 chickens
4x8 up to 10 chickens
4x10 up to 15 chickens

Please call before you come in case we're sold out !  Thanks !
call Pat at   214-213-1360
or text Jennifer   903-458-1716
What is the most harmful thing about most coop designs? 
Click HERE to read
** 6x6 Used coop for $400 is sold.
Please consider the new one. Thanks!
** We have this LIKE NEW 8x6, 4' H coop for sale
    only one, ready for pick up. $700
You can go to ranch-coop.com 
to see how the new coop looks like.