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Handcrafted Nest Boxes
handcrafted nest boxes
good nest boxes
nice nest box for sale
beautiful nest boxes for sale
nest boxes for hens
beautiful handcrafted nest boxes for sale
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nest boxes for 10 to 12 chickens coop
farm chicken coop
These are beautiful 
handcrafted nest boxes 
with good air flow .
Generally we find  
  that four to five hens will 
  share one nest box. 
Pat always jokes that they'll take numbers and wait in line for their turn to lay. 

We once found three hens sitting on top of each other in the same nest—completely ignoring 
another nest.
We place the nests in a 
shady spot in the coop, or 
(screwed) onto the roost.
Unless  you want your hens to    
   raise chicks, you must remove the eggs. 
   Brooding hens will occupy the nests, 
   so you'll need more boxes for the others. 
Some might think each hen should 
  have her own nest— 
  like birds do in nature...
How many 
  nest boxes 
  do your hens need?

good nest boxes for laying hens
Instead of staples, we use only  exterior deck screws on these nice, solid nest boxes.
We don't use external 
nest boxes extending from the sides- 
We found those boxes get to 
over 120 degrees  in summer!
A good nest box should not heat up in summer and shouldn't get too cold in winter.
Where would be the best place to set the nest boxes? 

 Under a metal roof?
 or a Cedar roof?

chicken nest boxes design
nest box for hens
nest box for hens
Placing the nest boxes under the cedar roof is 
 a good idea.  A cedar roof won't heat up in summer, and it's easier to keep the coop warm in winter.
Nice handcrafted 
sea wave design, 
A double nest box for a big chicken coop